Woak is a Bosnian company specializing in the creation of wood furniture. Building on over 30 years of experience as a supplier for the high-end furnishing sector, the brand was founded in 2018, and develops projects and collections with international designers.

The essence of the brand lies in its multifaceted, diverse origins, drawing on skills and techniques from various cultures brought together with local woodworking traditions. Woak embraces a willingness to be open to new things, with an almost nomadic calling to travel and absorb know-how from every corner of the world.

Since 2019, the brand’s art direction has benefited from the dynamic, unmistakable touch of /àr-o/ studio, taking cues from the strong influence of Woak’s homeland to explore cultural elements that have become keys to the aesthetic of the firm’s wood objects. As art director, /à-ro/ studio aims to create a sort of receptacle of creativity in which designers’ different styles are channeled into a consistent but multidimensional approach to design.



Woak works with the purest part of wood, from the heart of the tree – the part that maintains every bit of its durability and beauty. That’s how the brand manages to interpret all the qualities of wood – its strength, honesty and beauty – , transforming objects for everyday living into visual focal points for living spaces. Objects that anchor, elements that express a constant pursuit of meaning and union, in flowing but meticulously-made forms. The brand’s pieces include various types of tables, chairs and stools, storage systems and décor accessories, all speaking a technically refined language of clean, geometric lines with an aura of warmth and sophistication.