SERVOMUTO is a lighting design brand based in Milan.

Since 2010 it has been pursuing an ambitious goal: to revisit a classic object such as the lampshade with a contemporary and distinctly sophisticated twist. The study and research behind each creation are visible in the continuous stylistic references to the world of architecture and distant places.

Just like in a haute couture atelier, the lamps come to life: prestigious materials and fine fabrics are skilfully combined, experimenting with unusual colors and textures. The stylistic choices are proudly enhanced by the craftsmanship. From the curved metal structures, the pleats, to the finishes applied by expert seamstresses: “handmade” is more authentic than ever.



The “Haute Couture” production deliberately contrasts with the mechanization of large-scale manufacturing processes.

The playful and dreamy gaze with which SERVOMUTO has always looked at light embraces the sartorial precision. The result is much more than a lamp: an object with a unique design, a strong evocative capacity together with exquisite Italian style.